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Larry G. Hubbard, DDS

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Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud to show off, and Larry G. Hubbard, DDS, has the training and tools to provide results that will amaze you. This Statesboro dentist has the range of services and expertise to literally reshape your smile, giving you the beautiful, even teeth you've always dreamed of.

The staff at Larry G. Hubbard's clinic believes that a trip to the dentist should be easy and comfortable, which is why they use IV and oral sedation when necessary, as well as a unique computer-controlled delivery system called The Wand that even minimizes the sting of a traditional syringe. Whether you're coming in for a tooth extraction, crowns, or even dental implants, their team of dentists will strive to provide a comfortable experience for every patient.

Along with thorough dental check ups and fillings, this dentist's office specializes in cosmetic procedures that can correct any smile. Dr. Hubbard even utilizes Computer-Aided Design to create crowns, inlays, and veneers in just one appointment, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and temporary fittings.

Dr. Hubbard and his team pride themselves on creating a friendly, comforting, and relaxed atmosphere in which their patients can rest easy, regardless of what kind of treatment they’re getting. At this clinic, you'll find a revolutionary approach to dentistry that will remove all of the stress and let you focus on the incredible results you'll achieve.

Visit their website to see their comprehensive list of treatment options, or call (912) 764-9891 to make your first dentist's appointment today.

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Your tooth is made up of layers. The outer layer is the hardest, but at the center of the tooth is soft tissue and nerves called the pulp. When the pulp is infected, you need a root more
Bone graft surgery is a minor procedure done by dentists to prevent bone loss in your jaw. The process begins with an incision in the gum to expose the bone below. From there, the more
The same bacteria that create plaque buildup on teeth can also impact your gumline and the supporting structures underneath. The resulting gum disease leads to oral health more
When a tooth is damaged or weak, your dentist may be able to save it with a type of dental prosthetic known as a crown. Custom-designed to match your smile, these coverings are more
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When gum disease is caught early, it can be reversed effectively through intense dental cleaning. However, once the disease advances, it may be necessary to remove infected gum more
If you have gum recession, there are several viable treatment options. While laser-assisted gum therapy is preferred over traditional grafting because of its noninvasive more
If you’re unhappy with the health and appearance of your teeth, many dentists recommend porcelain veneers as one way to achieve a perfect smile. It’s a thin shell of more
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Since roughly 65 million Americans have periodontal disease, which is a more advanced form of gingivitis, management of the condition can be difficult. Scaling and root planing is a more
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Oral, inhalation, and IV sedation allow dentists to provide comprehensive care to patients who have unique needs. Whether you experience severe anxiety every time you more
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If you experience bleeding gums along with redness and swelling, your dentist may suggest gum therapy as a solution. While scaling, root planing, and gum flap surgery are equally more
Cavities create an opening in your tooth where decay-causing bacteria can continue to burrow. Once they break through the crown to the sensitive root chambers inside, they can cause more
With proper care, adult teeth can often last a lifetime. But, while these important body parts are built-to-last, they can still encounter health problems or injuries that put them more
When you get a root canal procedure, you’ll need to take special care of your tooth and follow post-operative guidelines exactly. If you don’t take proper care of the tooth after more
If you’re unhappy with the condition of your teeth, you may be considering restorative dentistry treatments. Crowns and veneers are two popular dental restoration procedures that more
While visiting the dentist is a common practice, in some people, even routine appointments can provoke anxiety. Dental anxiety may ultimately drive certain individuals to avoid more
When it comes to taking care of your teeth, sometimes the decay or damage is too much and the dentist isn't able to salvage that tooth. Or, maybe you need to make space for more
While dental crowns are made from artificial materials, it’s critical to care for them appropriately. Without proper care, these devices may become damaged or contribute to other more
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 15 out of every 100 adults currently smokes cigarettes. While this number has steadily decreased over the years, tobacco more
These days, you can’t even walk down the toothpaste aisle of your local grocery store without seeing a variety of DIY tooth whitening options. Although many people choose to try more
It’s important to spend time each day brushing and flossing away food particles and plaque from your teeth. If you don’t, bacteria will attack your enamel and cause tooth more
Daily brushing is essential for tooth and gum health, so every dentist will recommend finding a good toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to get the job done. But what makes a good more
While you may brush and floss daily, rinse with fluoride mouthwash, and pay regular visits to a trusted dentist, you still may not have all your dental care bases covered. If more
Your smile makes a powerful first impression, especially on your wedding day. Since you will be looking at your wedding pictures for years, it only makes sense to let dentists help more
When it comes to tooth decay, prevention by regular brushing and flossing is the best approach. But what can you do if your tooth has already suffered damage? Traditionally, the more
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Enamel is tough and protects your teeth, but that doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable. The body won’t regenerate new enamel, so preventative care is the best way to prevent decay. more
Charcoal toothpaste is one of the biggest trends in dental care. While many brands promise it will make your teeth whiter, dentists say it’s worth learning more before you use more
Taking care of your dental health is important during pregnancy. The hormonal changes can increase your risk of developing gum disease, and in some cases, that can also affect more
A cavity is a hole that develops in a tooth as the result of acid erosion in the enamel. While it’s common knowledge that sugary treats and acidic drinks cause cavities, more
Dental pain can feel all-encompassing, especially since discomfort can radiate into your jaw tissue and make it hard to eat, sleep, and talk. Fortunately, by understanding the more
Dentists encourage patients to floss, but many people remain unconvinced. According to the American Dental Association®, only one in four Americans floss every day, and 20% never more
Advanced stages of gum disease have long seemed untreatable, but thanks to the introduction of lasers into dental care, patients now have access to an effective treatment option. more
If you have ever felt the intense pain of a deeply infected tooth, you know how much relief can come from getting a root canal. Also referred to as endodontic therapy, endodontists more
When teeth aren’t perfectly straight, but they also aren’t misaligned to the point where traditional braces are completely necessary, patients often want to correct the issue more
When a dentist recommends a crown because of a root canal, cracked tooth, or other issue, traditionally, patients have to make two or more trips to the office to complete the more
You might just focus on your teeth and tongue when brushing, but bacteria, plaque, and tartar can affect the gums, too. In fact, if too much bacteria accumulate between the teeth more
Intravenous sedation is also known as IV sedation or “twilight sedation” in dentistry. It is a viable treatment option for patients who would like to manage their more
While many believe sparkling bright teeth are only for the rich and famous, professional teeth whitening is a highly effective and affordable procedure almost anyone can have done. more
As an adult, you may not think you need a dentist to learn how to brush your teeth properly. However, a quick primer may help to obtain a healthier, brighter more
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root typically made of titanium. When the natural one becomes damaged due to injury or decay, it may need to be removed and replaced to more
Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for your smile to become yellowed or stained over time. Luckily, there are a variety of teeth whitening options available, including more
It’s not uncommon to feel apprehensive before a dental appointment, but for some people, extreme anxiety or fear of dentists causes them to delay or avoid treatment altogether. This more
Most people know regular teeth cleanings and visits to the dentist are a necessary part of an effective oral health routine. But why are these cleanings so beneficial? The more
Your smile is one of the first features others’ notice about you. Given the potential impact your grin has on those around you, it’s no wonder so many people opt for whitening more
Your dentist is responsible for more than just caring for your teeth. On top of cleanings, crowns, and dental implants, a quality dentist also strives to provide more
Finding the right family dentist can be a difficult task. In addition to general dentistry, you’ll need a practitioner who specializes in a broad array of services, including more
Wisdom teeth usually appear anywhere from age 17 to 25. You may feel soreness around your gums toward the back of your mouth as they start to push through. If you notice such more
Dentists provide patients with many tools to maintain their oral health. One such tool is that of dental fillings. If you have a cavity, it is crucial more
When Ben Franklin wrote, "A stitch in time saves nine," he was talking about darning socks, not trips to the dentist. However, the idea of preventative maintenance expounded by that more
Dental sealants are thin pieces of plastic material that are coated onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth. The sealing process is typically fast and painless, and sealants offer more
Dental fears are common in both adults and children, and for some, they can be quite severe. In fact, five to eight percent of the population avoids having necessary dental work more
If you rely on dentures to fill out your smile and allow you to eat, you know how frustrating it can be when they don’t fit. To keep your smile comfortable and healthy, more
Living with missing teeth can be debilitating and embarrassing, which is why many patients are curious about dental implants. Modern dental implants are stronger and more realistic more
Good oral health means brushing daily, eating the right foods, and undergoing regular dental checkups. In Statesboro, GA, Larry G. Hubbard knows just how important quality dental more
The thought of getting a root canal done can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never had the procedure done before. That’s why Larry G. Hubbard DDS in Statesboro, GA, more