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The Pink Room

A Fantasy Lifestyle Boudoir

The Pink Room

1 East 93rd St #1A
New York, NY 10128
The Pink Room, Perfumes & Fragrances, Health and Beauty, New York, New York

Imagine a dark Parisian street in the 5th arrondissement. A woman is walking through the thick fog when she finds The Pink Room. Nothing could prepare her for the colorful rhapsody of scent that will take place within its doors!

In a world where the modern woman is trapped between work and play, a little inspiration goes a long way. With Sarah Barton-King’s perfume collections, devotees are submerged into a paradise of luxury and decadence. Described as half Marie Antoinette and half Holly Golightly, The Pink Room perfume collections deliver on their promise of deliberate fantasy and wicked femelle independence: two qualities of the modern woman. It’s no wonder this designer has Royals and celebrities alike clamoring for her creations!

The Pink Room signature scent Parfum No. 1 completes every daytime look, carrying rich floral notes of jasmine, lily and violet. For the evening, a more daring approach is in order; try the Parfum Pour Toi, beckoning you to live for the moment. For nights of particular extravagance, The Pink Room’s “Darkly Audacious” will ravish your senses.

To learn more about The Pink Room and Sarah Barton-King’s perfume creations, visit The Pink Room online or call (212) 844-9804