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If you are concerned about energy savings for your home or rental property, contact Coastal Green Air in Gulf Shores, AL. This company specializes in energy management and finding green energy solutions for renters and homeowners. Through the use of specialized thermostats, HVAC controls, and automated water systems, you can ensure you’ll save money and energy by choosing Coastal Green Air.

Idle appliances, lights left on, and HVACs left running all contribute to skyrocketing energy costs. While you try your best to turn off all of these devices and request for your renters to follow suit, it can be difficult to control this manually. To help ensure your appliances and HVAC system are used only when someone is home and active, Coastal Green Air offers a number of energy saving solutions relying on motion sense technology.

These solutions include automatic water shut-off systems, HVAC controls, and more. Their most recent energy saving product, however, is the iPachie Motion Detection Commercial Appliance System, or iPachie. The easy-to-install iPachie is one of the most comprehensive energy management products available today.

With iPachie, motion sensors throughout your home or rental property can detect when a door or window has been left open for more than 90 seconds, and it shuts off the air conditioner or HVAC. After the door or window has been shut, the HVAC system will click back on. The iPachie can also detect when lights, appliances, your television, or water heater have been running idly; it will shut them off accordingly.

If you are interested in learning more about Coastal Green Air’s energy saving solutions, including the iPachie, visit the website. To get a price quote for any of these devices, call (251) 67-2111 to speak with a representative.

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Coastal Green Air specializes in energy management and finding green energy solutions for renters and homeowners. Our goal is to help the environment and your wallet! Give us a call more