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Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD

Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD

18 N FT THOMAS AVE , Suite 302
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(859) 781-4100
Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, Pediatric Dentists, Health and Beauty, FT THOMAS , Kentucky

Since opening for business in 1980, Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, has established a stellar reputation as an experienced and compassionate family dentist. Based in the heart of Florence, KY, this dental office focuses on providing the very best pediatric dental care in a warm, inviting atmosphere that is perfect for your little one.

Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, knows how important it is to instill excellent dental care habits in your children. As a father of three, this family dentist believes in striking a balance between educating little ones and making sure they aren’t afraid of climbing into the dental chair. Whether you’re looking for routine teeth cleanings, mouth guards, orthodontics, or preventative pediatric dental care, he’s ready and able to help your child achieve outstanding oral health and hygiene.

Most importantly, Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, is a true family dentist who cares about the oral health of everyone, regardless of age. To ensure parents are also involved in the process, this practice goes beyond providing top-notch pediatric dental care. They also strive to educate both parents and children on dental hygiene and how to maintain a healthy mouth. Their flexible hours and hands-on approach within a comfortable, patient-friendly atmosphere makes them the perfect partner for helping your entire family maintain excellent teeth and gums.

If you live in the greater Florence, KY, area, and you’re looking for a trusted family dentist who can help your little one establish great oral habits that last a lifetime, call Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, today at (859) 525-2100 to schedule an appointment. For more information on their pediatric dental care services, check out their website.

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