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Michael G. Ogden, DDS

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For residents of Columbia, MO, who are serious about oral health and the appearance of their smiles, Michael G. Ogden, DDS, is the dentist of choice. Dr. Ogden and his team of dental professionals believe that a beautiful smile is a work of art. With their individualized care and meticulous attention to detail, they aim to make every single smile a masterpiece. State-of-the-art technology and products support their superior services.

Michael G. Ogden, DDS, offers an array of dental procedures, from general teeth cleanings to veneers and dental implants. Whether you want to polish your pearly whites with a round of teeth whitening or are in need of a root canal treatment, these professionals will be happy to help. Above all, this dentist emphasizes the importance of preventative oral care and positive dental habits that will allow you to enjoy healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Dr. Ogden and his team are committed to establishing open and communicative relationships with their patients. They know that you have many options when it comes to choosing a dentist and are intent on going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Their loyal following of returning patients makes it clear that their efforts are well served.

This dedication to satisfied patients is also reflected in the dental practice’s commitment to education. The website of Michael G. Ogden, DDS, has many useful resources available for free—and the team is always happy to answer questions about their various services. You can find out more or request an appointment online, or by calling the Columbia, MO, office directly at (573) 449-7483.

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