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Good dental hygiene is crucial in preserving your healthy smile for years to come. If it’s been a while since you had your teeth cleaned and examined, you’re putting yourself at risk for more serious complications. Since many patients who haven’t been to the dentist in a long time do so out of fear, Smile Rockers has come up with a solution. Situated in Westminster, CO, this practice focuses solely on dental hygiene. This means you won’t hear any dreaded drills when you come in for a simple cleaning.

At Smile Rockers, you can receive a thorough teeth cleaning and oral exam. The practice uses digital dental x-rays to view bone health, decay, and potential abscesses. Digital x-rays minimize your exposure to radiation and are faster and more comfortable than traditional x-rays. For at-risk patients, the practice also performs oral cancer exams, as early detection is paramount to successful treatment.

While their regular teeth cleanings and exams serve to prevent decay and disease, Smile Rockers also offers deep cleanings to address periodontal disease. Also known as scaling and root planing, deep cleanings remove the hard and soft deposits of plaque and tartar that accumulate both above and below the gum line which are known for causing gum disease.

Teeth whitening is available for any patients who are concerned about dental stains. This simple treatment can eliminate imperfections and brighten smiles by several shades, improving self-esteem. For children, teens, and adults who play sports, Smile Rockers can craft a custom-made athletic mouth guard. Not only are custom mouth guards more comfortable, but they offer greater protection than pre-made guards.

Smile Rockers is run by a registered dental hygienist who understands how frightening dental experiences can be for some patients. The practice was designed to eliminate patient fears and provide the Golden Colorado community with comprehensive dental hygiene care. Whether you are unhappy with your current dental hygienist and dentist, or you are seeking dental treatment for the first time in several years, Smile Rockers will give you the healthy smile you desire. Visit them online to view a full list of their comprehensive services. 

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