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For over 20 years,the Michael A. Newland Esquire has been helping the people of Hamilton, Ohio.


Despite people's best intentions, life may not always be harmonious. Complex situations necessitating DUI lawyers, divorce and child custody lawyers will arise. And when they do, the help of a skilled, efficient, compassionate lawyer can make all the difference.

Michael A. Newland Esquire practices in all of the above. He also handle criminal law, juvenile cases, probation and traffic violation incidents, and more.

Family law is a particularly difficult maze to navigate, both legally and emotionally. Anybody going through a divorce and seeking custody of their child is going to want a knowledgeable and skilled attorney at their side—and on their side. Michael A. Newland Esquire’s reputation is exemplary in this regard. They have helped hundreds of clients win custody of their children—and obtain the support payments that they deserve.

Divorce is not the only thing that impacts the fate of children: the future of juvenile offenders can also be extremely compromised if they aren’t provided with proper legal counsel. To this effect, too, Newland Esquire has helped many juveniles—and their parents—open the doors to the second chances they need.

Will preparation is another complicated and crucial issue. If an individual doesn’t have a will, their estate is automatically dealt with under their state’s intestacy laws. This makes it vitally important that everything be in place. Through the years, Michael A. Newland Esquire has aided countless clients in streamlining and simplifying this process—thus ensuring that their family and loved ones are taken care of without fear of any subsequent loopholes or legal fallout.

Moreover, Michael A. Newland Esquire’s services are reasonable and affordable, and initial consultations are free. Contact the office today at (513) 887-9595. 

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