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In a world where technology seems to move faster than the speed of light, it can be easy to drop things. To save you time and money, Experimac Asheville can help with everything from repairing a shattered cell phone screen or upgrading an iPhone® device, to helping you recover files off of your old Apple® computer or selecting the best MacBook® laptop for graphic design.

In addition to specializing in affordable iPhone® device repair or battery and screen replacement, iMac® desktop troubleshooting, iPad® tablet repairs, and MacBook® laptop repairs, Experimac Asheville also offers on-site upgrades to make your system faster and more efficient. From solid state hard drive upgrades to installing additional RAM, these computer gurus can make your computer run as good as new again without the high cost or replacing your system. Technicians also offer computer repair for vintage Mac® computers and Mac® Minis, helping you protect your investments.

With a clean and organized in-house Apple® store, Experimac Asheville also offers an incredible variety of accessories made just for your Apple® products and devices. From unique iPhone® cases to stickers that help you label your chargers, the product selection you will enjoy at Experimac Asheville is second to none.

The specialists also work with customers to buy, refurbish, and resell their old Apple® products. By simply bringing in your used Apple® device and having a technician evaluate the condition, you can get an excellent price for your used item. If you want to save money on a refurbished Apple computer, you can even explore the inventory of certified pre-owned devices.

Experts at Experimac Asheville are committed to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere and doing everything they can to help their customers. With generous in-house financing and online videos explaining their processes, Experimac Asheville is your destination for computer repair. Call the pros at (828) 505-6260 or stop by their Asheville, NC, location for more information.

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