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M.R. Stoner Electric, Inc., Electricians, Services, Sanford, North Carolina

Finding a local electrician that will provide you with exceptional services and first-rate customer care is no easy task, which is why the electrical contractors at M.R. Stoner Electric in Sanford, NC, take their jobs so seriously. No matter what type of electrical issue you’re dealing with, their master electricians are committed to finding an efficient and affordable solution. If you’re looking for a local electrical company you can rely on any time of the day or night, the professionals at M.R. Stoner Electric are your best bet.

Since 1992, M.R. Stoner Electric has been helping residents and businesses alike with their electrical needs, providing outstanding customer service and unmatched electrical solutions. They know that their business relies heavily on their clients, which is why they work hard to develop lasting relationships with those they work with. Whether you’ve got a simple wiring issue or are in need of industrial electrical repairs, you’ll be treated with the same stellar service afforded to every one of their customers. M.R. Stoner Electric strives to be an upstanding part of the Sanford community, which is why they’re also a member of the local chamber of commerce and regularly participate in local charity events.

M.R. Stoner Electric knows that often, you don’t get to decide when your electrical system is in need of repairs, so they offer round-the-clock services; you can count on their 24-hour electricians to respond in a timely fashion regardless of the time of day. For those who require residential electrical services, M.R. Stoner is equipped to perform everything from electrical panel upgrades to generator installations, as well as any indoor/outdoor lighting installations you need. They can also help increase the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system. The local electricians at M.R. Stoner Electric also specialize in a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical solutions, such as site inspections, pole lighting installation, grounding, bonding, rewiring, and maintenance.

If you’re looking to build a relationship with a local electrician that has strong community ties, contact M.R. Stoner Electric today at (919) 774-8877. They offer up-front pricing and a full money-back guarantee on all the work that they do, so visit them online to learn more about their services.

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