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Locals throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island depend on P & H Construction and Septic Service in Uncasville, CT, for their septic tank and sewer needs. As a reliable company owned and operated by certified technicians with over 35 years of experience, their team is ready and able to assist whenever a septic system issue or emergency takes place.

From residential to commercial clients, P & H Construction and Septic Service offers a wide range of septic services. Whether you’re looking to install a new unit, pump your current septic tank and grease trap, or repair damage to your wastewater system, they have the expertise and equipment to complete the task with the utmost professionalism. Their team is able to assist during any stage, from the installation of a septic tank to regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs. To properly serve their customers, the company also provides portable toilet rentals and sewer cleaning.

Beyond their septic maintenance options, P & H Construction and Septic Service is also known for their unparalleled customer service. From the moment you call for an estimate to the completion of your project, you’ll work with friendly professionals who truly care about the well-being of your home or business. As trusted partners, they’ll work tirelessly to ensure your plumbing and sewer systems are back in working condition quickly and efficiently.

If you’re a local homeowner or business owner in the Greater Uncasville area and require the region’s best source for septic tank maintenance and sewer cleaning, call P & H Construction and Septic Service today at (860) 848-8507 to speak with a helpful member of their team. For more information on their services, from septic tank pumping to grease trap cleaning and portable toilet rentals, check out their website.

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