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Johnson Landscaping Materials LLC , Mulches, Services, Lexington, Kentucky

Everyone knows that a little landscaping can make a big difference to your property, which is why Johnson Landscaping Materials has been providing customers throughout the Bluegrass Region with high-quality mulches for more than 30 years.

Specializing in high-quality, aged hardwood bark mulches, Johnson Landscaping Materials offers playground mulch, red mulch, brown mulch, black mulch, playground surfacing, shredded topsoil, and organic living mulch. Whether you need a little to pep up your front flowerbeds or a truckload of premium mulch to perfect your property’s landscaping, Johnson Landscaping Materials has what you need at a competitive price point.

To make finding the mulch you need easy; you can explore their outdoor yard to match color samples or to feel the actual products. Customers have the option of either having their own truck or trailer filled with mulch or paying a small fee for delivery, making landscaping work easy. Delivery professionals employed by Johnson Landscaping Materials understand how to deliver large amounts of mulch without harming your yard or driveway, helping you to prevent messes and additional costs.

The mulch supplied by Johnson Landscaping Materials is made entirely from premium products, setting it apart from competitor’s supplies. With a focus on doing things the right way and an understanding of proper aging and screening, Johnson Landscaping Materials produces high-quality mulch that will help you prevent weeds, keep your plants healthy, and dramatically improve your landscaping.

To explore mulch varieties or to place an order of your own, visit Johnson Landscaping Materials online or to give them a call at (859) 254-9392.

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