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Peak Health Dentistry at GentleCare

Peak Health Dentistry at GentleCare

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From serious oral surgery to general teeth cleanings and cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign®, finding a dentist who can handle it all can be tough. For residents of Anchorage, AK, the go-to dental practice of choice is Peak Health Dentistry at Gentle Care. Dr. Mark Just and Dr. Ben Mishler along with their team of dental health professionals have built a reputation for providing gentle care that produces top quality results.

Peak Health Dentistry offers the latest general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures. Their state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with topline technology, including laser dentistry and digital imaging devices. Fancy tools aside, these dentists place emphasis on preventative care. By educating patients about positive dental health habits, they aim to prevent problems from arising in the future.

These dental professionals believe that every single smile is precious. That’s why they provide each patient the most attentive care possible. Whether your teenager needs a wisdom tooth extraction or you want to enhance your own smile with a cosmetic procedure—they will create a customized dental care plan tailored exactly to your needs.

Read the countless patient testimonials on Peak Health Dentistry’s website to learn how these dentists have helped others. You can also visit their online smile gallery to take a look at the charming smiles they have created. To find out what you can do to improve your own oral health or schedule an appointment, call the dental health clinic’s Anchorage, AK, office at (907) 337-0304.