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Inner Awakening Massage & Fitness

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Inner Awakening Massage & Fitness offers the finest treatments in massage therapy, allowing you to relax while letting the malaise and stress of the day melt away. Massage therapy provides a number of physical and mental benefits, from relieving headaches, lower back pain and muscle aches, while also improving the body’s own ability to heal and recover.

Inner Awakening Massage & Fitness offers a wide range of massage treatments such as deep tissue, neuromuscular massage, pre-natal massage, cupping therapy, hot stone massages, and chair massages. Additionally, Inner Awakening Massage & Fitness offers massages for party events at either private parties or office events. Massages are performed on a specially-designed massage chair or table while recipients are fully clothed and lay face down.

Inner Awakening Massage & Fitness is determined to provide an all-encompassing health center experience, offering a variety of enriching fitness classes including basic and intermediate yoga classes. Additionally, every Saturday is a ‘Yoga for everyone” class which is a great introduction for those looking to increase their flexibility who may have limited experience.

Instituting a consistent massage and exercise regimen can greatly enrich your body and mind. Contact the experienced professionals at Inner Awakening Massage & Fitness for soothing and engaging massage therapy and fitness classes.

Phone: (704) 491-8645

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