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Banks Floor Covering, INC.

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Banks Floor Covering, INC., Floor & Tile Contractors, Shopping, Lexington, Kentucky

Beautiful floors can transform a home, and Banks Floor Covering in Lexington, KY, understands this better than anyone. The locally owned flooring installation and repair company provides an array of high-quality, stunning floor coverings to customers in the area.

The licensed and insured flooring contractors at Banks Floor Covering work with the following flooring materials:

  • Hardwood: A popular choice among homeowners, hardwood adds a sleek, polished appearance to any room. Banks Floor Covering provides both solid wood and engineered wood options.
  • Stone & Tile: Timeless flooring options for kitchens, patios, and bathrooms, stone and tile floors are low-maintenance and beautiful. The flooring contractors work with granite, limestone, marble, slate, ceramic, and porcelain.
  • Laminate & Vinyl: Laminate and vinyl have come a long way in recent years. Now, the recycled, high-quality material mimics the look of tile, brick, wood, and stone flooring.
  • Carpet: Professionals from Banks Floor Covering will install and clean everything from carpets and area rugs to upholstered furniture.

Thinking about installing new flooring in your home? Contact the flooring contractors of Banks Floor Covering at (859) 269-2404 and ask for a free estimate. The flooring installation and repair business is open from Monday – Saturday; visit them online for more information about their services.

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