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Winmar Corporation

1500 Leestown Rd Ste 208
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 254-5755
Winmar Corporation, Office Rentals, Real Estate, Lexington, Kentucky

Since 1951, Winmar Corporation has delivered the finest selection of commercial real estate in Lexington, KY. Offering prime office space and amenities in beautiful historic commercial properties, this team can help you establish a workplace that will impress both clients and employees.

Winmar Corporation manages two corporate real estate properties in Lexington known as the Tate and Bakhaus Buildings. Both buildings are recognized as some of the most distinguished commercial properties in the area, defined by their rich Southern architectural features. Designed by local architects, these buildings hold a historical connection to the community while offering the modern features that today’s businesses require.

Whatever your business specializes in, the Tate and Bakhaus Buildings can accommodate the needs of your customers and your staff. Located near the intersection of Leestown Road and New Circle Road, these office buildings are close to Downtown, I-64 / I-75, as well as the Bluegrass Airport. You can also count on these properties to provide desirable first-floor office space rentals and abundant free parking.

As a family-owned property management company, Winmar Corporation takes great pride in serving commercial clients in the Lexington area. Their ongoing commitment to providing full-service commercial leases has resulted in decades-long relationships with satisfied tenants. Offering some of the most competitive rates in the region, you’ll find that having a spacious office and responsive property manager doesn’t have to break your budget.

To learn more about the Tate and Bakhaus properties, visit Winmar Corporation online. For more information about renting space from this prime Lexington commercial real estate, call (859) 254-5755.

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