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P & M Garden Services Inc.

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It’s no secret that lush, florid gardens spread smiles and enhance homes. For the garden supplies you need to cultivate your plants, look no further than P & M Garden Services. For more than 38 years, Eagle River, AK, locals have favored this premier greenhouse above the rest.

Whether you have a certified green thumb or are new to gardening, the friendly experts from P & M Garden Services will help you find everything you need. As plant-loving gardeners themselves, these dedicated employees love providing insider tips and advice. Gardening requires patience, knowledge, and specialized care, and these experts love sharing their skills with their loyal customers. Before you know it, your garden will be healthier and more vibrant than ever.

As part of their enduring commitment to their customers, they offer garden supplies and plants at the most competitive prices in town. The greenhouse offers a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, from peach-pink orchids and begonias to braided ficus and warm poinsettias. Whether you’re looking for annual or perennial flowers or vegetable starts for an edible garden, this blossoming greenhouse carries a selection you’ll love. The garden center also stocks a variety of fertilizers, pots, seeds, and gardening tools to ensure you’ll be ready for planting season.

Create your foliage-filled haven by visiting Eagle River’s leading experts. To learn more about how P & M Garden Services can help you, call (907) 694-9293. You can also visit the store’s website for gardening resources and information about upcoming events. 

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