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When you own a restaurant, you need high-quality commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant appliances to keep your business running smoothly. Since 1972, Honolulu restaurant owners have turned to AMSCO for complete restaurant equipment services, including stainless steel fabrication, custom kitchen design and installation, and a huge selection of restaurant supplies.

The restaurant appliance company provides the following:

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Whether you are just starting to build your kitchen or you need a replacement part, AMSCO has what you need. The restaurant appliance experts have built relationships with equipment suppliers and can recommend the best products in the industry, from slicers and mixers to refrigerators and dishwashers.
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication: Sometimes, pre-made fixtures don’t fit into your kitchen’s floor plan, whether it’s due to space constraints or a need for customization.  That’s why AMSCO offers custom stainless steel fabrication of work tables, wok stoves, salad bars, shelving, dish tables, bars, and more.
  • Installation: Setting up your kitchen is no easy task. When you order restaurant appliances or a custom-fabricated equipment from AMSCO, they’ll send their staff to complete the installation. Need help deciding how to lay it out? These professionals can provide a custom workspace design that meets your business needs.

When you need new equipment, custom stainless steel fabrication, or installation services, contact Hawaii’s commercial kitchen equipment experts at (808) 423-9631 or visit them online.

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