North Austin, Texas

Latino Discoteca

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Latino Discoteca

9304 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78753
(512) 339-9795
Latino Discoteca, Consumer Electronics Stores, Services, Austin, Texas

Latino Discoteca in the North Austin area has been in business since May 2007, and offers their customers a variety of useful services and items, including check cashing, money transfers, and a thorough retail space with plenty of products to purchase. If you are in the North Austin area and are looking for services that cater to Spanish-speakers, then Latino Discoteca is the perfect place for you. Below is just a small sampling of all the great things you’ll find.

Toys: Latino Discoteca carries a variety of toys for all ages, boys and girls! -- This all-purpose store has a colorful stock of BB guns, Barbie dolls, action figures, teddy bears and more!

Movies/DVD’s: Latino Discoteca also boasts a collection of new movies on DVD and CD’s, exclusively selling Spanish music and Spanish movies.

Perfume: They are pleased to sell popular and intoxicating name-brand perfumes, like Gucci, Armani, Jennifer Lopez, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. It is easy to find an amazing gift with this selection.

Shoes: Latino Discotecta always has the newest styles of work or play shoes for sale at their store. Whether the customer needs cowboy boots, cleats, or work boots, Latino Discoteca stocks it.

Check Cashing/Money Transfers: If you don’t have time to wait for a check to process, or it’s a foreign check, then head to Latino Discoteca where they can get it done in a snap. They can also help you out if you are transferring money to, or from, foreign accounts, mainly in Mexico and Central America.

Latino Discoteca is a store full of exciting things to buy, along with ultra helpful services, especially for the Spanish-speaking. If you are in the North Austin area you should stop in to rummage through their expansive stock. Visit them seven days a week, opening every day at 9 A.M. or call (512) 339-9795 to speak with one of their staff.