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The Michael Siso Group of Caliber Associates

230 Fifth Ave, Suite 1416
New York, NY 10001
(212) 792-8000
The Michael Siso Group of Caliber Associates, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate, New York, New York

A trusted source in New York City real estate, The Michael Siso Group, is an independent part of Caliber Associates, Inc., a prime Manhattan real estate company, specializing in apartment rentals and sales for New York City Residents. By using their vast network of landlords, sellers, and buyers in the NYC area, they will assist you one-on-one, in finding an affordable home that's just right for you.

Since 2005, Caliber Associates, Inc. has provided a comprehensive network of resources and an agile approach to helping New Yorkers find the most suitable residence within the real estate market. Building on this legacy, The Siso Group aims to lend its wealth of experience to offer high-quality services and expert advice on the best and most exclusive listings in NYC.

The Siso Group offers services including:

  • Relocation
  • Listing with Us
  • Real Time Updates

Michael Siso, founder of the Siso Group, has 15 years of real estate experience and polished professionalism to offer extensive knowledge in a wide range of sectors within the market, including real estate sales and rentals. He is an unrelenting advocate for all of his clients and seeks out only the best and brightest recruits to become real estate specialists for the Siso Group. Currently, the Siso Group is recruiting professionals looking to move laterally within the industry, individuals who are seeking to change careers, and recent college graduates to join their illustrious team.

With more than a decade of experience buying, selling and renting apartments with Caliber Associates, Inc., Michael appreciates and understands the importance of finding a new home for each renter and buyer. Guided by patience, meeting his clients demands and his in-depth knowledge, he has consistently fulfilled his commitment to making relocation as hassle-free as possible!

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