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Whether you need a few packages or a bulk order, it’s important to make sure domestic and international food deliveries are properly refrigerated during the time it takes to get to your door. When people in Hawaii need convenient shipment options, they call Unicold Corporation. Since 1962, the frozen food shipping company has been providing people in Honolulu and the neighboring islands, as well as Los Angeles and Oakland, CA, and Seattle, WA, with affordable, efficient freight services and warehouse storage.

The staff at Hawaii’s leading frozen food shipping company knows how easily products can spoil, which is why they offer a wide range of distribution solutions. To ensure you get your order as quickly as possible, the West Coast locations are accessible by rail and truck, guaranteeing hassle-free delivery and unloading. Regular air shipping, ocean transport, and freight consolidation services are also available.  Always anticipating customers’ needs, the company also provides storage solutions. Located near the port of Honolulu and Honolulu International Airport, the Hawaii location’s refrigerated warehouse is the largest in the area.

What sets Unicold Corporation apart from similar businesses is their commitment to making sure customers’ products remain safe during each phase of the shipping process. All employees are well trained in service requirements and order flow, making them more than qualified to treat your items with expert care. Once they pick up your shipment from the source location, the team will meticulously check order count and items for damage. If there are any problems or the order wasn’t available, they will let you know and file claims on your behalf. While making the trip to your door, the trained frozen food shipping specialists will monitor product temperature to ensure your food remains safe in transit.

If you need a reliable frozen food shipping company, the team at Unicold Corporation is standing by to help. To learn more about cold storage solutions available in Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Honolulu, call (323) 585-5111 to speak with a customer service representative. Visit them online to learn more about the many ways they will protect your products. Like them on Facebook for updated news and announcements.

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