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Developing your home’s personal style isn’t always easy. You can purchase new tile flooring and remodel your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean these elements will be cohesive. That’s where Shenandoah Flooring & Interior Designs comes in. Since 1990, this locally owned company has helped Waynesboro, VA’s residents both capture and enhance their property’s unique beauty all without breaking the bank.


To Shenandoah Flooring & Interior Designs, flooring is a “fifth wall” because it contributes to the room’s overall look. Thus, their showroom boasts a plethora of both hard and soft surfaces, allowing you to find the material that best matches your style and your budget. Plus, once you’ve made your purchase, their trained craftsmen will also install your new flooring!   

Home Remodeling

While Shenandoah Flooring & Interior Designs has an eye for flooring, it’s not their only specialty. They’re also well versed in many types of home remodeling, particularly kitchen and bathroom, and are happy to provide guidance on what materials to choose. When it comes to supplying your home remodeling projects, their showroom is your one-stop-shop for a variety of home goods including window treatments and décor.

Personalized Design Services

An interior designer can’t capture your personal style without first understanding your vision. Thus, the team at Shenandoah Flooring & Interior Designs gets to know each customer on an individual basis. Then, after guiding you through their expansive showroom and discussing your options, they’ll help you devise and carry out a thoughtful design plan.

Now’s the time to give your home the gorgeous interior you’ve always imagined. Call Shenandoah Flooring & Interior Designs at (540) 943-2911 today to get started with a free estimate. To preview their showroom or learn more about their installation services, visit their website.

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