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If your business or home has problems with insects or rodents, Valley Pest Control offers convenient, quality service at competitive rates in the Oshkosh, WI, area.  A full-service company, they are experienced in safe, quality insect and rodent removal.

Valley Pest Control uses advanced techniques and products to meet your needs. They use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in treating pests. IPM is a technique used to reduce risks from pests while posing the least amount of risk to people, their property, and the environment. They can address a variety of residential pest infestation problems including bees and wasps, bed bugs, roaches, and ants. They also have an outstanding reputation when it comes to spider control. The pest control team offers monthly maintenance programs and if an issue arises between services they will send out a technician to address the problem.

If your business is in need of their commercial services to combat ants, mice, or roaches, Valley Pest Control can eliminate those critters and create a monthly maintenance plan that includes free emergency service to help keep your business pest-free. They are experienced in providing services to health care, food service, warehouses, and educational facilities. 

Valley Pest Control, a state-licensed and fully insured company, is also Quality Pro certified to treat schools and food production facilities. With more than 25 years of experience, they are an industry leader committed to providing the most comprehensive service and maintenance to their clients at competitive rates. 

If your home or business is in need of high-quality, experienced pest removal services to combat insects or rodents, look no further than the experts at Valley Pest Control. Call (920) 426-2704 for more information on their services, or visit them online for a free estimate.

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