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River Valley Medical Center

200 N 3rd St
Dardanelle, AR 72834
River Valley Medical Center, Emergency Medical Services, Health and Beauty, Dardanelle, Arkansas

The caring staff at River Valley Medical Center has been serving the Dardanelle, AR, community for more than 60 years. Year after year, this premier medical clinic strives to provide personalized, friendly service for the entire family.

As a locally owned and operated health care provider, the team truly cares about its community. When you enter the facility, you will be treated with the utmost respect a patient deserves, along with warm, hospitable service. As a family-oriented general hospital, the doctors welcome you as a member of the medical family. Whether you need to visit the emergency room or women’s health clinic, an experienced doctor will give you the one-on-one attention you need to feel comfortable and at ease.

River Valley Medical Center offers an extensive range of services for patients of all ages. In addition to the family clinic, the health care center also provides emergency care and trauma services, an in-house lab, radiology, physical therapy, and advanced surgical services. The team also offers respiratory therapy, a behavioral health unit, and a wound care clinic. Whether you need a routine checkup or highly specialized care, the medical clinic offers the breadth of services you need all under one roof.

To maintain excellent health for a lifetime, visit Dardanelle’s favorite health care facility. For more information about how River Valley Medical Center serves you and your family, give the friendly staff a call at (479) 229-4677. You can also learn more by visiting their website.

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