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Integrative Approach Massage

My goal is to provide bodywork that honors the body, mind, and heart of each client.

Integrative Approach Massage

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Alex Zivian at Integrative Approach Massage specifically caters his sessions to suit client’s individual needs. He is dedicated to creating a therapeutic and thoroughly relaxing experience, and providing bodywork that honors the mind, body, and heart of each client.

He creates comprehensive sessions drawing on various bodywork modalities, provides client based therapeutic massage, and helps people create more vitality and balance in their lives.

Experienced in Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, and Reflexology, Alex is a licensed massage therapist, nutritional health counselor and Ayurvedic health educator.

Alex upholds a diverse practice, assisting clients of differing ages and physical conditions, including injuries and chronic conditions. He provides holistic approaches to weight management and dieting, and designs nutritional programs with clients as well as teaching them to enable self-care.

He also educates clients about the science of Ayurveda and incorporates Ayurvedic philosophies into lifestyle and dietary programs.

At Integrative Approach Massage, Alex helps guide his clients on a journey towards greater balance in their lives and awareness of their bodies.

For more information on the services he offers, visit the website or call (917) 310-5479.

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