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Kidd Curry Express Inc

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Wasilla, AK 99623
Kidd Curry Express Inc, Delivery Services, Services, Wasilla, Alaska

Whether you need time-sensitive letters delivered across town or are looking for same day delivery to get a package from Wasilla to Anchorage, the experienced couriers at Kidd Curry Express can help. Proudly serving Wasilla, Anchorage, and the surrounding area, the team offers fast, friendly, and reliable delivery of all your packages and parcels.  

Delivery shouldn’t make up the bulk of your budget, so Kid Curry Express offers a full range of cost-effective delivery options. Their goal is to get your packages to their destinations without straining your budget. For businesses, Kid Curry offers customized plans to help you take control of your deliveries. Why worry about working with an expensive shipping company when a local courier service can get your package where it needs to go?

Kidd Curry Express delivers just about everything you need to ship, as long as it fits in their vans. They frequently provide delivery solutions for:

  • Letters
  • Packages
  • Car parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Home appliances

Their team of drivers treat each package with care and get it to its destination quickly and safely. Their drivers are ready and available to handle all your special delivery needs.

Let Wasilla’s express delivery experts handle your next package delivery and see the difference that an affordable courier service makes. Whether you’re using them for a one-time delivery or wish to set up a business delivery plan to handle your important packages, Kidd Curry Express is there for you. Visit their website to learn more about their services and call (907) 373-3278 to schedule your next delivery.

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