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Do you dread having to take your pet to the groomer? Whether your dog doesn’t like riding in the car or gets nervous in unfamiliar surroundings, having their fur washed and trimmed can be a stressful experience—but it doesn’t have to be that way. With convenient mobile pet grooming services and a superb client-focus, On the Spot In Home Pet Grooming of Hamilton, OH, offers the solution you need.

On the Spot In Home Pet Grooming has recognized the importance of creating a stress-free atmosphere and successfully crafted a list of quality mobile pet grooming services for their clients. Each of their groomers have been trained in the latest techniques and only use products made from natural ingredients. This, combined with their superior cat and dog grooming services, has earned them recognition as a trustworthy service provider throughout the region.

There are three different groomer packages clients can choose from when scheduling an appointment with On the Spot In Home Pet Grooming. The “All Inclusive” is a full-service package that includes a bath, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail and fur trimming. The “Tidy Up” features a light coat trim with a bath and teeth brushing. “Freshen Up” is the most basic package available and includes a bath, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

On the Spot In Home Pet Grooming offers a selection of specialized services as well. Whether your dog chased down an animal it shouldn’t have or a fluffy coat you can’t tackle on your own, you can count on these expert groomers’ de-skunking and de-shedding services.

To set up an in-home pet grooming appointment with On the Spot In Home Pet Grooming, call (513) 463-7387. One of their experienced staff members will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit their website for additional information about their pet styling services.

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