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In the past, asbestos was widely used as a fire-resistant insulation; however, research has shown that the material can be detrimental to your health. If you suspect your home or business contains asbestos, call the professionals at Action Asbestos Removal in Montville, CT, for a fast asbestos disposal service. In addition to causing respiratory health problems, asbestos is a known cause of cancer—eliminating it from your property is a crucial part of protecting your health.

Since 1992, the team at Action Asbestos Removal has been dedicated to helping those in southeastern and eastern Connecticut keep their homes and structures safe and healthy. No matter how big or small the area containing the asbestos is, their team has the experience and expertise to remove the material with minimal disruption to you and your home. They can even help with the drywall and asbestos-free structural installation once the dangerous asbestos has been removed.

Did you discover asbestos on your property after hours? Because they know how dangerous this material can be, Action Asbestos Removal offers 24-hour emergency residential asbestos removal services.  No matter what time of day or night, their dedicated team will come remedy the situation. You’ll find peace of mind knowing these experts are putting your family’s health and safety first.

As soon as you notice asbestos in your building, call the team at Action Asbestos Removal to schedule your asbestos abatement. Call their professionals at (860) 848-2912 to make an appointment today and rest assured that the problem is taken care of properly. You can also visit them online for more information. 

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