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Polar Carpet Cleaning, Carpet and Rug Cleaners, Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Polar Carpet Cleaning offers complete steam cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Anchorage, AK. Trusted by home and business owners throughout the area, the company can tackle large areas, tough stains, and a variety of surfaces to ensure your floor looks fresh.

This Anchorage cleaning service offers an intensive two-step carpet and rug cleaning system. Using an advanced cleaning solution, this professional carpet cleaner will manually scrub the entire surface to provide complete stain removal. To fully sanitize the area, they finish the job with a van-mounted steam cleaning service that provides a deep, thorough revitalization.

Committed to full-service cleaning, this company can act as more than just your dedicated carpet cleaner. As an upholstery cleaner, this team is trusted to provide safe cleansing and restoration of all types of furniture surfaces. In addition, they offer dry cleaning services throughout Anchorage to address a wide variety of stain and damage issues for the most delicate fabrics.

No matter how tough the job, customers have come to know Polar Carpet Cleaning as the most comprehensive resource for restoring surfaces and fabrics to a like-new condition. If your dog or cat had an accident indoors, their pet odor removal will bring your home’s smell back to normal. If you’ve experienced a leak in your home, their water damage repair services will help eliminate your risk of mold and mildew.

Whatever your cleaning needs, Polar Carpet Cleaning can provide routine or one-time assistance. To learn more about scheduling service or request a free estimate from this Anchorage professional carpet cleaner call the team today at (907) 227-5953.

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