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When you’re visiting the island of Oahu, you need a reliable transportation service that can bring you to all the must-see sites—and that’s where AM Tours Hawaii comes in. Since 1990, these experienced Honolulu tour guides have been educating and delighting more than a million visitors from across the globe.

The team of 20 experienced drivers from AM Tours Hawaii combines fun, friendly service with professionalism and dependability. The drivers do much more than simply move guests from one destination to the next; they make every moment enjoyable. These professionals are extremely knowledgeable about the array of enchanting sights, traditions, and natural wonders that Oahu has to offer, and they love showing guests the way. Whether they’re shuttling you to Hanauma Bay for an exciting day of snorkeling or back to the airport for your flight home, this team strives to provide an authentic Hawaiian experience. And in Hawaii, locals treat each other with the warmth and respect they deserve.

Whether you hop aboard the Mercedes S550 with your family or the Lincoln MKT limo with your entire bachelorette party, AM Tours Hawaii offers the highest quality vehicles to meet every need. From big nights out to extravagant weddings, when you need luxurious and reliable transportation, this team has you covered. The vans and luxury buses also provide an economical, enjoyable option for making your way around the island without stressing about arranging transportation.

All you need to do is tell the friendly team from AM Tours Hawaii where you would like to go or ask them to recommend a special location, and you’ll soon be making your way through paradise. Schedule your trip online today or by calling (808) 845-5050.

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