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Hayward Animal Hospital

Hayward Animal Hospital

15226 W County Road B
Hayward, WI 54843
(715) 634-8971
Hayward Animal Hospital, Animal Hospitals, Services, Hayward, Wisconsin

Furry friends need excellent medical care, just like the rest of the family. Your pet deserves the sort of medical attention offered at Hayward Animal Hospital, where for over 30 years they have provided complete animal care in Sawyer County.

Hayward Animal Hospital is there for all of your pet’s healthcare needs, ranging from surgeries to checkups. They offer traditional care like X-ray monitoring and lab testing, as well as cat and dog vaccinations that include free examinations.

In addition to routine care, the clinic also offers more advanced services, including:

  • Pet Orthopedics  
  • Reconstruction Procedures
  • Internal Medicine
  • Animal Dentistry  

Their caring staff also understands the importance of creating a balanced diet for your pet's long-term health, which is why they offer high-quality animal foods and supplies. If you’re going on a vacation, utilize the hospital’s boarding service, or take advantage of their grooming service.

When the time comes to take care of your furry family members, let Hayward Animal Hospital be there. Call (715) 634-8971 to schedule an appointment or visit them online today.

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