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Thanks to modern advancements in sports medicine and the use of nutritional supplements, athletes are performing at levels that haven't been seen before. Now, athletes can train more efficiently and recover from injuries at a faster rate, leaving behind the days of debilitating knee pain, chronic arthritis, and crippling tendinitis. Helping pave the way for improved physical performance like this is the tri-state area's leading sports medicine facility, Masri Sports Medicine & Wellness Centers, headed by Dr. Sammy Masri. The wellness center utilizes the newest sports medicine and recovery techniques to help both professional and amateur athletes reach their peak performance levels. 

Dr. Masri and the team of orthopedists specialize in treatments like musculoskeletal ultrasound, joint fluid replacement, platelet rich plasma therapy, and natural hormone replacement. Patients will undergo an initial consultation and analysis, before one of the sports medicine doctors deconstruct importance factors such as fitness goals and ailments, to create a perfect and highly-effective recovery plan.

Combining the experience of each talented orthopedist with effective treatment options, Masri Sports Medicine & Wellness Centers delivers an unparalleled solution for athletes in need of sports medicine and injury recovery. To schedule an appointment with an orthopedist today, call (212) 964-8031. For more information on sports medicine, visit the wellness center online. 

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