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A Sign of Peace White Dove Releases

A Sign of Peace White Dove Releases

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A Sign of Peace White Dove Releases , Wedding Entertainment, Services, Erlanger, Kentucky

Doves have long been seen as representing peace, hope, fidelity, and harmony—there are few more appropriate symbols with which to bless a special occasion. A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases in Erlanger, KY, allows you to incorporate a one-of-a-kind dove release into your event. From memorial tributes to wedding celebrations, christenings, memorials, and more, including symbolic doves makes any occasion truly unique.

In addition to creating a visually stunning sight, the fact that doves are such a multi-faceted symbol makes a dove release suitable for an array of occasions. Did you know that these birds are among the few species in the animal kingdom that mate for life? A wedding dove release can thus bring a beautifully meaningful touch of magic to your nuptials. On the other hand, a bird in flight can also be seen as a sign of freedom. A dove release can thus also serve as a powerful symbol at a funeral or memorial tribute.

A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases is known for their professionalism and top-quality customer service. They treat their prized birds with plenty of tender loving care, ensuring that the doves at your event are clean and well trained.

If you are interested in incorporating a dove release into an upcoming occasion, look to A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases in Erlanger, KY. They serve both public and private events. Whether you want to release a simple duo of white doves or an entire flock, they will tailor their services to your needs. Contact them online or call (859) 727-3254 to find out more.

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