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The foundation of your home is the most important component, ensuring that you and your family can live in comfort and security. When it is damaged, due to environmental issues or lack of proper upkeep, this can cause a serious threat to the strength and stability of your home. The foundation repair experts of Boiman & Myers, Inc. offer Ohio and Tri-State residents over 38 years of experience, assessing the problems of your home's foundation and creating cost-effective solutions to fit any budget.

Boiman & Myers repair experts take pride in their knowledge and skill, ensuring that every member of their team is courteous, patient, and professional. A weakened  foundation is a stressful time for any home and these experts understand exactly how to help. Each team member is trained to the highest industry standards and are kept up to date on the latest developments, so that your home or business is protected at all times. As a final measure of quality assurance, Boiman & Myers, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on most waterproofing, and foundation jobs.

With the repairs and guidance offered by Boiman & Myers, Inc., your home or business will stand safely even amid temperature changes, inclement weather, and age. Don’t let the most important aspect of your home’s stability falter. Contact these experts in foundation repair for a free consultation today at (513) 353-1000

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The advice I give all my customers is to clean all debris from the gutters caused by the fall season (leaves and small branches). Maintain a positive grade away from the foundation: more
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Boiman & Myers provide complete waterproofing and foundation repairs including:Interior Waterproofing - from single cracks to entire perimeter systems.Exterior Waterproofing - more