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HealthyLawn Hawaii is bringing Honolulu lawn care choices we didn’t know we had.

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Did you know that gas-powered lawn mowers account for 5% of the pollution in the United States? When you want to have a beautiful lawn and do your part for environmental sustainability, you can count on HealthyLawn Hawaii in Honolulu, HI. HealthyLawn is Hawaii’s first lawn care company offering clean, quiet, and sustainable lawn care.

Your mowing service should leave you with a lovely lawn without disturbing you or your neighbors. HealthyLawn Hawaii uses solar-powered electric equipment, which is environmentally friendly and quiet. Gas mowers are noisy and smell terrible, while electric mowers are 50 to 70% quieter and emit no unpleasant fumes. For larger lawns that require a riding mower, HealthyLawn uses biodiesel riding mowers. If sustainable lawn equipment is not an option for your job, HeathyLawn will purchase carbon offsets to ensure you can still have a beautiful lawn with a carbon-neutral footprint.

For lawns that need more than a mowing service, Healthy Lawn Hawaii also offers organic fertilizer that’s safe for pets and children, and won’t produce harmful runoff that damages coral reefs. If you don’t love your lawn but you aren’t sure how to improve it, HealthyLawn’s experts can do a moisture and soil analysis to find out if your lawn needs aeration, fertilizer or regular sprinkler irrigation. They can even provide landscaping maintenance for your shrubs, bushes, and flower beds. In addition to residential customers, HealthyLawn Hawaii is the perfect lawn care service for schools who care about children’s exposure to chemicals.

Americans burn 800 million gallons of gas each year on lawn mowing. Now you have a choice. Thanks to HealthyLawn Hawaii, Honolulu’s residents and schools can have beautiful lawns, maintain a low carbon footprint and keep families and pets safe from chemicals. When you’re ready to schedule your sustainable lawn care service call (808) 426-0640 or visit them online.

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