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Peter Paul Office Equipment

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Cincinnati, OH 45203
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Peter Paul Office Equipment , Office Equipment, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Since 1932, Peter Paul Office Equipment has provided the Tri-State Area with the office supplies that keep companies in business! They specialize in office products of every type, and proudly provide exceptional customer service to individuals and businesses alike. For decades, Peter Paul Office Equipment’s goal has been is to be viewed as a valued business partner, one the customer trusts to supply the printers, printer ink, toner, paper shredders, copiers, dictation equipment, and the other supplies necessary to keeping their business running smoothly.

Peter Paul Office Equipment strives to do more than sell to the customer; they want to educate people on what they’re buying. That’s why they thoroughly train their staff in every area of their office products. Whether clients require help installing, setting up, and working with a new laser printer, or they simply have questions about the quality of the paper they’re purchasing, the Peter Paul Office Equipment staff is there to answer every question.

From award-winning office products to equipment specials, Peter Paul Office Equipment has it all! Stop by the store today to browse products in person, or visit the Ohio office supplier online to get started. With questions regarding large corporate orders, e-mail sthornell@peterpauloffice.com

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