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Where would your teen most like to be: learning to surf from world-class instructors in Waikiki’s epic blue waters, catching a glimpse of wildlife in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, or learning to scale an icy Alaskan glacier from the best of the best? With help from Zeal Adventure & Travel, their adventuring possibilities just became a whole lot broader. With a host of compelling student travel programs in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and beyond, this White Plains, NY, agency helps teens learn, grow, and thrive.

Many teens go through life craving adventure, travel, and the opportunity to help people around the world lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Thanks to Zeal Adventure & Travel, you can achieve all of these goals at once. Whether you choose the Hawaii-Alaska adventure, Western Canada Excursion, or Alaska Sprint, there is a unique, enriching program for all teens between ages 15 and 18. During these supervised trips, students will complete meaningful hours of local community service, explore their surroundings, and learn new skills. Whether your teen wants to help wild sea turtles thrive in their natural habitat or raft down aquamarine rivers, these student travel programs truly offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

This premier travel program places safety, learning, friendship and fun at the forefront of every teen tour. They will take care of all the itinerary details so teens can have an adventure in a trusted, supervised environment. With more than 30 years of camping experience, this agency’s leadership team is prepared to help your teen travel and camp like a pro.

To start planning your next adventure, contact the leader in student travel programs. Visit Zeal Adventure & Travel online today or call a friendly representative at (844) 282-9325 for more information. 

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