Eastland Parkway, Kentucky

Big Blue Bird Early Childhood Center

Big Blue Bird Early Childhood Center

1945 Eastland Pkwy
Lexington, KY 40505
(859) 299-9277
Big Blue Bird Early Childhood Center, Child & Day Care, Family and Kids, Lexington, Kentucky

Big Blue Bird Early Childhood Center has served families in the Eastland Parkway area of Lexington, KY, for more than 40 years. Their daycare services focus on providing children from six weeks to four years old a safe and loving environment where they can learn, grow, and explore. They also offer before- and after-school programs for children in kindergarten through age 10, as well as a summer camp program.

This top-rated child care organization features a low child-to-teacher ratio, so your child receives personalized attention that meets their emotional, social, and academic needs. They provide infant care for ages six weeks to 15 months and toddler care for 15 months to three years. To complement your efforts at home, their staff also provides potty-training assistance while your child is in their care. Additionally, toddlers learn communication and social development through music, games, and other creative activities.

Their preschool program for three and four year olds emphasizes learning and cooperation through music, language, and physical and creative activities. Preschool teachers create fun lessons that promote a positive attitude toward learning and cultivates self-confidence and curiosity. The low child-to-teacher ratios allow them to better prepare your child for kindergarten. 

You can feel confident in sending your infant, toddler, or preschooler to Big Blue Bird Early Childhood Center. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are NAC-accredited. Their daycare center and preschool were also both awarded three stars from the STARS for KIDS NOW program in Kentucky. This voluntary state-wide rating system certifies that licensed child care providers like Big Blue Bird Early Childhood Center exceed the minimum licensing requirements. Visit their website to learn more about the programs they offer, or give them a call at (859) 299-9277 when you’re ready to schedule a tour.

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