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Whether you suffer from back pain or migraines, the caring staff at Midway Pointe Chiropractic believes you deserve to live pain-free and well. That’s why the Elyria, OH, chiropractor and the rest of the team strive to provide state-of-the-art, affordable care that produces life-changing results.

For 18 years, Dr. Schaffer has been serving the Lorain County community with high-quality, trusted chiropractic and massage therapy services. Not only does he offer a complimentary exam, but also free x-rays, spinal analysis assessment, and diagnosis. His ultimate goal is to help you alleviate pain and improve your overall health, so you can continue to become stronger and more resistant to illness or injury in the future. Rather than masking symptoms, Dr. Schaffer employs a combination of massage therapy techniques and chiropractic adjustments to address and permanently correct the root of the problem. If you are not completely satisfied with your treatment, he will give you a 100% refund.

While chiropractic care and massage therapy serve to alleviate back and neck pain, these techniques also improve strength, balance, and healing throughout the whole body. Whether you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, headaches, or low energy, chiropractic therapy may help you improve your overall health and wellness. By using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Dr. Schaffer ensures every patient receives the specialized care he or she needs.

To start living pain-free and well, contact Elyria’s top chiropractor today. Schedule an appointment at Midway Pointe Chiropractic by calling a knowledgeable professional at (440) 324-2040. For more information, visit the practice’s website.

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