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agricultural constructionMerritt Mechanical-Fabrication of Cairo, GA, helps farmers throughout the Southeastern United States work more efficiently, building the storage and handling systems they need to help their farm thrive. With over 50 years of experience in agricultural instruction, the family-owned business has helped countless farmers grow and scale to meet rising demands.

With agricultural construction as their bread-and-butter, Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication has been trusted to build quality grain elevators and conveyors, gravity unloading pits, grain storage systems, and hydraulic dumpsters. Priding themselves on being able to build what’s needed from the ground up, you can also call on them for help installing pre-engineered buildings or for part replacements. They also offer professional sandblasting, re-roofing, painting, and renovation services, helping their customers keep their barnyards looking good. It might seem like a lot of services, but it’s all part of their can-do attitude.

Working exclusively with carefully vetted partners in large-scale projects, and using sustainable construction processes, running their business with integrity is of utmost importance at Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication—just ask their founder, James Merritt. In the five decades he’s overseen the business, he’s watched its capabilities expand, and its reputation grow, helping more and more farmers scale to 21st century needs. It’s hard work, but his team wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

Do you need to get your agricultural enterprise to the next level? Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication does it all—you’ll seldom hear them say they “can’t.” To schedule a sit-down with a member of their in-house agricultural construction team, give them a call at (229) 377-5586, or visit their project gallery online for examples of past work.

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