Kips Bay, New York

Spice Symphony

Modern Indian Cooking with a twist and Chinese with an Indian Accent

Spice Symphony

182 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10980
(212) 545-7742
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Experience a refreshing fusion of Indian cooking and Chinese cuisine at Spice Symphony. Serving dish upon dish under the motto "Modern Indian cooking with a twist, Chinese with an Indian accent," the chefs of Spice Symphony use only the freshest local produce to create sumptuous and healthy meals.

The beauty and color of Indian cuisine is unparalleled. From appetizer to entrée, each of Spice Symphony's meals is flavored with a medley of age old Indian spices, believed to have medicinal properties that contribute to a healthy way of living. Savor curries from India’s famous regions, such as Goa, Konkan, Karwar, Allepy, Madurai and Kolkata, all prepared by a talented team of worldly chefs experienced in both Indian and Chinese styles of cuisine.

The food served fresh from Spice Symphony’s kitchen is more than delicious – it is a symbol of warmth and welcome to customers, family, and friends.