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What makes a great lawyer? Solid legal representation requires extensive experience, a personal approach to client needs, and expansive knowledge of the law. For residents of Bridgeport, CT, and the surrounding areas, the firm of D'Agosto & Howe, LLC can satisfy these requirements and offer solutions to even the most complex legal problems.

Attorneys Nicholas A. D'Agosto and Steven G. Howe boast more than 40 years of legal know-how. They believe that open communication with your attorney is key, which is why their firm pledges to respond to client questions either the same day they were asked or the very next. They promise that clients will be able to easily access their respective lawyer when questions arise, as opposed to fielding queries through other legal personnel. This level of attentiveness lets you know your case is being taken seriously, which is essential for fostering confidence in your legal team.

As a full-service law office, D'Agosto & Howe, LLC addresses a broad range of legal needs. If you’ve suffered from a significant accident, this firm can assist with both personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. They help clients through every step of the process, from the initial Social Security application to appealing a denial of benefits. This firm can also capably handle family law issues, such as child custody and support, divorce, spousal support, and prenuptial agreements.

D'Agosto & Howe, LLC can even provide a robust legal defense to clients faced with serious criminal charges. Ensuring your rights remain protected is crucial, whether your charges involve drug offenses, assaults, or theft. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need a dependable legal team to make certain you receive the best outcome, especially when facing the possibility of a suspended license, fines, and even jail time.  

When it comes to your rights, D'Agosto & Howe, LLC offers a passionate and personalized approach, capable of achieving great results. Schedule a free initial consultation in their Shelton, CT, office by calling (203) 538-9026 today. Off-site visits are available, as are weekend and evening appointments by request. Learn more about practice areas by visiting them online.

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