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If you are going through a significant transition in life, and are in need of legal assistance, you can rely on the team at Smith & Tabor Attorneys At Law in Toccoa, GA. They practice family law, estate planning, and personal injury law, and have been protecting their clients’ best interests since 1985.

Life may not always be fair, but an attorney from Smith & Tabor Attorneys At Law will not let anyone take advantage of you. Whether you are going through a hostile divorce or you recently lost a loved one and need to navigate probate, a compassionate lawyer from their firm will relieve you of the associated legal troubles, so you can focus on piecing your life back together. Their legal team is both warm and professional, and will address every one of your concerns.

At Smith & Tabor Attorneys At Law, they focus on a few specific practice areas, so they can always stay up-to-date on relevant regulations and precedents. Under personal injury law, they assist clients with workers’ compensation cases, auto accident injuries, and wrongful death claims. If you require an estate planning attorney, they can help with everything from drafting a will to navigating probate. They also practice family law, which includes adoption, divorce, and child support.

If you need a personal injury attorney or family lawyer in Toccoa, GA, turn to the experienced team at Smith & Tabor Attorneys At Law. Visit their website to learn more about their practice areas, and call (706) 886-5141 to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney from their firm today.

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