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Current Technologies Inc., Electricians, Services, Port Edwards, Wisconsin

From keeping the lights on at home to helping you run an efficient business, Current Technologies is Port Edward WI’s most-trusted electrical contractor. For the past 25 years, they’ve been providing residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial property owners with green energy solutions and generator services. Safety and efficiency are their top concerns, and they go work to be the best in the business.

Current Technologies is staffed by a team of certified professionals who are trained master and field electricians, electrical contractors, estimators, and project managers. They work together with clients to provide reliable service regardless of what the project entails. Working with them means putting your property in the hands of someone respectful and responsible. They always show for appointments on time, and they work efficiently to minimize possible inconveniences to the property owner. When they’re finished, you know the job was done correctly.

Electricity plays a huge role in your life, and Current Technologies offers services you can take advantage of both at home and at work. If you’re building a new home or your existing property needs to be upgraded, they specialize in home wiring. For commercial buildings, they have experience with every type of project including multi-million dollar upgrades and simple service calls. Their generator sales and service department delivers uninterruptable power supplies, and they’ll also explain the benefits of thermal imaging.

Current Technologies is fully licensed and insured, and their 24-hour emergency service means you never have to wait for their expert attention. Schedule an appointment with an experienced electrical contractor by calling (715) 887-4444. You’ll also learn more about green energy and generator services by visiting them online.

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