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Rice Lake Storage

1918 Manwaring Ave
Rice Lake, WI 54868
(715) 651-5352
Rice Lake Storage, Storage, Services, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

If you are in need of secure, local storage in Wisconsin, trust Rice Lake Storage. This self-storage facility offers clean and safe units that are offered at a competitive price and are available for use 24/7. Whether you have short-term or long-term storage needs, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Rice Lake Storage.

The affordable self-storage units at Rice Lake Storage come in multiple sizes to suit your needs. Choose from 5-by-10, 10-by-10, 10-by-20, or 10-by-30 units to help declutter your home or office, and take back some much-needed space. With a variety of leases available, you can use your unit to stow away goods for just a few months or use it as a long-term storage solution. If you are relying on Rice Lake Storage for business purposes, they also offer freight shipping and receiving for commercial shipments. This allows you to store important merchandise for your business in one of their secure storage units until you are ready to use it.

At Rice Lake Storage, all units are ground-level, giving you the luxury of being able to drive up to your personal storage unit whenever you want. And, in addition to indoor options, there are also outdoor storage areas available. While you may want to keep your personal belongings and valuables indoors, you also have the ability to store vehicles in their outdoor space. The outdoor area at Rice Lake Storage can accommodate RVs, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, and ATVs.

The flexible leases at Rice Lake Storage can be paid for month-to-month, and there are discounts available for customers who choose to lease quarterly. But, Rice Lake Storage also offers ongoing specials, so be sure to call (715) 651-5352 before you rent your unit to find out what price cuts you may be eligible for. To learn more about the different units and long-term storage options available at Rice Lake Storage, visit their website today.

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