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Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 234-5678
Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange, Cash For Gold, Services, Rochester, New York

When you’re looking for an honest price for your valuables, Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange in Rochester, NY is the right place for you. They appraise and purchase a broad range of valuables, making them a great option for everyone with something to sell, from the spring cleaner looking to lighten up on clutter to the single mom who needs a temporary infusion of cash for school supplies. Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange makes it a point to help friends and neighbors in the community sell gold with honest service and fair prices.

In addition to buying gold jewelry and watches, Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange also purchases silver, gemstone jewelry, and diamonds. If you think it may be valuable, bring it in for a free appraisal to decide if exchanging your accessories for cash makes sense for you. They also buy collectibles, electronics, and other valuables to help liquidate an estate, so call to see how they can work with you to sell gold and other items.

Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange offers unique services to get you into the gold market. They sell gold bullion and coins for collectors and investors looking for a tangible form of currency. They also host fun gold parties for groups – instead of spending your money at a Tupperware party, your friends will make money by bringing their unwanted jewelry for a quick, convenient sale in the comfort of your home. It’s fast and fun!

To learn more about making the gold exchange rate work for you, call Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange in Rochester at 585-234-5678. You can also visit their website for more information about their buy-back program and additional services.

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