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Griffin Contracting & Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Services, Covington, Kentucky

On time, done right, guaranteed: that’s the motto of Griffin Contracting & Restoration. The Covington, KY-based company assists home and business owners in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati restore health and peace to their buildings, 365 days a year. From damage assessment to emergency tree removal, biohazard cleanup to residential repairs, and disaster recovery to basic commercial construction, Griffin Contracting & Restoration can handle it all.

Whether related to weather, collisions, or structural faults, unexpected damage can and will occur, and the top contracting company in the area understands that the most important repairs are the ones you aren’t planning for. Fortunately, Griffin Contracting & Restoration’s years in the industry make them the quickest and most experienced home and commercial contracting team in the area. So, the moment you need repair, just contact the home restoration professionals and receive your FREE quote!

Visit Griffin Contracting & Restoration online to get started. From there, you’ll be able to learn more about commercial construction, emergency tree removal, disaster recovery, what to do in case of smoke, storm, and fire damage, home restorations, biohazard cleanup, and so much more. To speak with the reconstruction company in town, call (859) 908-0387. In case of an emergency, call the same number – 24/7 services are always available! 

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