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Harlem Spirituals/New York Visions Inc.

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Harlem Spirituals/New York Visions is New York's leading cultural and experiential tour company. They have created unique, personalized excursions that carry travelers through New York's rich and varied heritage and history. Tours are offered in a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Special packages, accommodations, and itineraries can also be arranged upon request. The company believes that tourism can be an integral part of the empowerment of a community and the preservation of its' cultural traditions and historical sights.

Travelers can experience signature Harlem Gospel and Jazz tours, or one-of-a kind cultural journeys around the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, far off the beaten path. Your tour with their experienced guides will be a highlight of your time in New York City.

Visit the Harlem Spirituals/New York Visions website or call (212) 391 0900 for more information.

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