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All Wellness Medical Center, Women's Health Services, Health and Beauty, Bullhead City, Arizona

When it comes to your health, you deserve high-quality, compassionate medical services. That’s why the doctors at All Wellness Medical Center in Bullhead City, AZ, provide advanced preventative care that’s custom-tailored to meet your unique needs.

Dr. Christina Goldstein-Charbonneau, D.O. and the rest of the experienced team strive to create an environment of trust and respect. They believe that doctors have a priority to make you feel welcomed, relaxed, and at home when you come in for a visit. By taking the time to work with each patient on a personal, individualized basis, they help patients attain optimal health and wellness. They also consistently continue medical education to keep their patients informed and their technology as advanced as possible. Through patient education, specialized attention, and state-of-the-art equipment, all patients receive the high-quality standard of preventative care they deserve.

All Wellness Medical Center provides a range of services aimed at promoting overall health and wellness. Patients can reap the benefits of both a gynecologist and a nutritionist all wrapped into one when they visit this men’s and women’s health center. The office also offers annual physicals, wellness exams, and women’s health services, such as breast exams or pap smears. The doctor and the rest of the knowledgeable team also provide weight counseling and nutritional services that will help you remain fit, active, and above all, healthy.

To live long and well, visit Bullhead City’s top preventative care center. For more information about how the doctor and the rest of the trusted team at All Wellness Medical Center can serve you, call today at (928) 704-4499. You can also learn more on the practice’s website and Facebook page.

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