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As a trade ally with Hawaii Energy’s Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program (SBDIL), Koo Lighting Service is fully trained and qualified to provide lighting upgrades to lower your small business’ energy costs.  Hawaii Energy’s SBDIL program provides qualifying small businesses with financial incentives to upgrade their high-energy lighting with more innovative, energy efficient lighting at low or no-cost from Koo Lighting Service. Learn more about how your small business could benefit from participating in Hawaii Energy’s program, by contacting Koo Lighting Service. We provide energy saving lighting assessments at no cost, so give us a call today.

 Koo Lighting Service also performs work as a trade ally with Hawaii Energy on the Small Business Direct Install Lighting (SBDIL) program. SBDIL provides financial incentives for qualifying small businesses to upgrade to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fixtures at little to no cost. By partnering with Koo Lighting Service and Hawaii Energy, you can improve your commercial lighting system, lower your utility costs, and protect Hawaii’s natural environment. If you have more questions about Koo Lighting Service and the SBDIL program, visit the Hawaii Energy website to see if your business qualifies.

If you’re interested in cutting your commercial energy costs, Koo Lighting Service offers free energy-saving lighting assessments for businesses that qualify for the SBDIL program. You can also visit their website to learn more about their full range of electric services.

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