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For nearly 20 years, Northland Septic Maintenance has been the leading provider of comprehensive septic services in Backus, MN, and beyond. From site evaluation and septic design to septic pumping and repairs, this team has the expertise to address end-to-end waste management needs for both homes and businesses.

Northland Septic Maintenance offers complete residential services to ensure your home has a safe and efficient waste management system in place. These Minnesota septic system experts can equip your property with a compliant pretreatment system or install new septic tanks that work for your needs and home size. They are also available for emergency septic repairs, as well as routine maintenance, such as septic pumping and system inspections. 

If you own a business in central northern Minnesota, Northland Septic Maintenance can help make sure your commercial waste is properly managed and treated to be compliant with local laws. Using their Trimble land surveying technology, these professionals can make sure your septic system is installed correctly from the very start.  

In addition to septic system installation, other commercial services include routine septic pumping, drain cleaning, lift station maintenance, sewer line cleaning, and comprehensive system repairs. They can also help provide you with portable restroom rentals, perfect for any special event or construction site that doesn’t have reliable access to bathrooms.

Backed by a history of positive customer testimonials, Northland Septic Maintenance is highly regarded as one of the best septic services in Cass County. Using advanced equipment, these experts will ensure completion of your projects or repairs with the highest degree of accuracy. They will work with you to provide you with options that meet your budget and size needs, always following industry standards that are compliant with local laws and zoning regulations.

Northland Septic Maintenance crews are available to offer both commercial and residential septic services in a wide service area throughout Minnesota.  Services areas include but are not limited to:  Hackensack, Walker, Akeley, Nevis, Pequot Lakes, Pine River, Remer, Park Rapids, and Longville. To request service or an estimate, call the team today at (888) 454-4999. You can also visit their online FAQ for helpful tips on septic maintenance.

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